Stories of an Immigrant Child with Anna Kerz and musician Susanne Farrow (January 24)

Dracula, A Tale of Blood and Darkness with Dean Verger (February 21)

From the Mountains to the Sea: Family Stories from Palestine Spanning 150 Years with Sarah Abusarar (March 28)

Canterbury Tales’ Lusty, Long-suffering, and Devout Women with Gail Anglin, Daniel Kletke, Phil Nagy, and musician Femke Bergsma (April 25)



Landscapes of Silence with Marta Singh (January 18)

Under the Palm Tree: Sankofa Stories with Kahmaria Pingue and Hamid Ayoub (February 22)

The Norse Gods: Battle, Betrayal and Death with Colette Laplante (March 22)

An Evening with Gcina Mhlophe (March 28)

Tales and Tunes of Malicious Enchantment with Betty Bennett and Angelica Ottewill (April 19)

The Tour: A Trip Through Ireland with Bob Woods, Mary Wiggin, and Niamh O'Brien (May 24)

Celebrate! Life Changing Stories with Alan Shain, Jennifer Cayley, David Brennan, Adrian Harewood, and Pat Moore and Roland Doucet (May 31)

Utsän Män – Old Woman Lake with Louise Profeit-LeBlanc (June 21)

You, Me, and the World Makes 3 with Liz Baron, John Cotrocois, and Francesca Esguerra (September 19)

Curses: Destiny or Delusion? with Colette Laplante and Cecilia Blanchfield (October 18)

Home to Many Voices: Tales from the Maritimes with Rob Cloney (November 15)

Hidden in Plain Sight: Uncovering Queerness in Story with Eden Nameri and Lynn Torrie (December 13)


Monkey Queen, Journey to the East with Diana Tso and Marjolaine Fournier (January 27)

Letters Have Souls: The Tragic Correspondence of Heloise & Abelard with Phil Nagy, Naomi Tessler and Femke Bergsma (February 23)

Voices from the Adoption Files with Lesley Parlane, Sage Cardinal, Steafan Hannigan, Beverley McKiver, Louise Profeit-LeBlanc, Neal Shannacappo, and Olivia Tailfeathers (March 16)

Coalmines, Council Houses & Corsets: The Life & Times of a Scottish Granny with Norma Cameron (April 27)

In the Room by Cellar Door Project, with Megan Carty, Mariah Horner, Nick Leno, and Nicole Titus (May 18)

Laugh! With Leacock with Gail Anglin, Mary Wiggin, and Tom Lips (June 1)

Self-Exile with Nisha Colman (September 28)

The Adventurous: Stories of French Canada with Capitaine Bonnefemme (aka Nicole Fournier) and Janet LeRoy (December 14)


The Wizard & The Dragon with Nicole Lavigne, Marie Bilodeau, and Jason Sonier (January 11)

Living Titanic with Rosalee Peppard (February 11)

The Voice of the Seanchai with Mike Burn (March 17)

How to Make Love in A Canoe 2 with Jeff Wright (April 21)

Turn Your Radio On with Marva K. Blackmore, Brian Lecky, and David R. Miller (May 19) 

The Final Hour with Leigh-Anne Kehler (June 16)

The Inventor of All Things with Jem Rolls (May 6)

Boxes Buried Deep with Sage Tyrtle (September 14)

Gilgamesh with Jan Andrews, Tom Lips, and Armin Rahmanian (October 19)

Oat Cakes and Heartaches with Kathie Kompass, Mary Wiggin, and Marta Singh (December 15)


Robbie Burns: A Man’s A Man for A’ That with Gail Anglin, Stuart Jardine, singer Fraser Gordon, and musician Shawn Peters (January)

Ain’t Misbehavin’ written by Phil Nagy and Anne Nagy, with musicians Marylise Chauvette, Flavio Jorge, Kate Greenland, Mary Moore and Pat Moore (February)

Straight from the Harp with Tess McManus, and musicians Susan Toman and Dawn Bailey (March)

And Tell Laura I Love Her: Fundraiser with Gail Anglin, Tom Lips, and musicians Martina Dobson, Bill Danic, Dave Danic, Dominic Macdonald, and Shawn Peters (April 1)

Under the Influence with Marta Singh and Kate Hunt (April)

That Delightful Strain: Tales of Musical Misadventure with Tom Lips and Kim Kilpatrick, and musicians Alex Valmis and Anne Hurley (May)

The Game’s Afoot with Kathie Kompass and Mary Wiggin, and musican, Kyle Burghout (June)

Where are all my beautiful things? with Jennifer Cayley and Katherine Grier, Naomi Tessler, and Lia Marie Talia (February 25 and June 4)

Stories to the Sound of the Drum with Robert Seven Crows, member of the Kumik Council of Elders (January 16)

How to Make Love in a Canoe with Kim Kilpatrick and Jeff Wright (February 13)

And Tell Laura I Love Her with storytellers Gail Anglin and Tom Lips, and musicians Martina Dobson, Bill Danic, David Danic, Dominic Macdonald and Shawn Peters (March 20)

The Banks of Newfoundland with Matthew Byrne (April 17)

The Arrangement, The Marriage, and Me with Kalyani Pandya (May 15)

The Iliad a co-production with 2 Women Productions featuring Jan Andrews, Marie Bilodeau, Jennifer Cayley, Ellis Lynn Duschenes, Jacques Falquet, Katherine Grier, Kathryn Hunt, Kim Kilpatrick, Daniel Kletke, Nicole Lavigne, Tom Lips, Anne Nagy, Phil Nagy, Catherine Sheehan, Marta Singh, Dean Verger, Mary Wiggin and Jeff Wright (June 14)

Raisin Wine by James Bartleman, adapted by Laurie Fyffe, with Alanis King, Brock Lewis and Lesley Parlane (December 14)


Flying in the Dark with Kim Kilpatrick (January 17)

Beyond the Railroad: Black History in Canada with Ruthanne Edward and Greg Frankson (February 21)

Harpers in the Hall: Irish Myth with Gail Anglin, Daniel Kletke, Nicole Lavigne, and Acacia Lyra (March 21)

Granddaughters Speak with Sherri Yazdani and Marta Singh (April 18)

Walking the Camino with Phil Nagy and Anne Nagy (May 16)

Revolution Begins Within with d'bi young (June 13)

Murder, Mystery and Mayhem with Daneil Kletke, Mary Wiggin, Sherri Yazdani, and Fiona Armstrong (December 12)