What people are saying about us...


"Thank you for bringing these important & moving stories to life."

— Audience reaction to Voices from the Adoption Files (March 2017)

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 “I was entranced. The selection of stories + the storytellers themselves were fantastic. I loved the queer focus.”

— Alicia, audience reaction to Hidden in Plain Sight: Uncovering Queerness in Story (December 2018)

“Wonderfully funny & heartfelt. I feel like I have now traveled the world… without ever getting up from my seat!” 

— Karine & Claude, audience reaction to Coalmines, Council Houses & Corsets (April 2017)

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“Not only is it diverse in perspective, but it’s diverse in age and diverse in experience”

— Mariah Horner on In the Room (May 2017) for Apt613

“A Winter Tale: The Journey of the Blind Harper is well written, well-paced, and told with such warmth and love that the audience can’t help but go along for the ride.”

— Maja Stefanovska for Capital Critics Circle (December 2015)

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“Great! So well prepared and so captivating. Matching of story & music perfect.”

— Audience reaction to Tales and Tunes of Malicious Enchantment (April 2018)

“Superb! Direct – honest from the heart yet told with poetic power.”

— Anne Kathleen McLaughlin, audience reaction to Landscapes of Silence (January 2018)

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