"Storytelling is among the most ancient of arts. To hear a story is to be touched in heart and mind, in body and spirit. The storyteller gives the tale; the listener receives it, responding out of his or her own being. The story comes alive. It flourishes and grows."

Signature Series: Canterbury Tales’ Lusty, Long-suffering, and Devout Women

Late in the 14th century, thirty pilgrims on their way to Canterbury engaged in a game of tale-telling. Though this was a time of plague and war, Chaucer’s pilgrims didn’t tell stories about those evils. Instead, most of their stories showed how, one way or another, women were the root of all of men’s troubles. more


Join us for storytelling every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at our new venue, The Oak located at 318 Bank St.

Stories start at 7PM with a break part way through for treats and chatting. more

OST's SIGNature series 2018/19

Ignite your imagination with live, professional storytelling! From the fantastical worlds of great literary artists, to hidden historical treasures, to extraordinary personal journeys, this season will delight and enlighten. Local and imported storytellers present a show a month from September to April. more

Story Swap

Story Swap is open to all and free. It takes place on the first Thursday of the month.

You are welcome to listen, or tell. Stories are usually five to ten minutes long and are told from memory. We recommend stories that engage and entertain. more

original stories, told live

(un)told is a monthly event featuring personal stories told live in a relaxed setting without notes, sets, or props. It’s the kind of night where everyone has something interesting to say! 

The next edition, Parents Just Don’t Understand will take place Sunday, April 28th at the Royal Oak located at 318 Bank St. more

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Whether the stuff of legends, or of everyday experiences, of family history, or present in the tales that teach us how to survive, stories are everywhere.

The well told tale is a universal expression of our humanity because it captures our desire to make the world a more creative and inspirational place.