Members of Ottawa StoryTellers are available to tell stories in the community. These tellers are experienced performers with a wide repertoire of tales. 

If you are interested in hiring a storyteller, please refer to the list of tellers. Each teller has a biography which will help you select a storyteller who will suit your event. The list provides you with information so that you can contact storytellers directly to find out more about the programs that they offer and engage them accordingly. If you have any questions, please email Leah Sander at or call (613) 322-8336. Fees are based on experience and expertise and vary from teller to teller.

If your group is a not-for profit, you may qualify for Community Outreach Telling. Some tellers will accept a small honorarium or offer to tell pro-bono, rather than for the standard fees. Community Outreach Telling is something you would negotiate with the individual teller.