Ottawa StoryTellers receives requests for storytelling gigs come from a range of organizations in the community. We do not pay members of OST to tell at these performances. But we do offer a "Book a Teller" service connecting outside clients with approved tellers. Approved tellers are members of OST's Gig Group.

Policy and Procedures relating to the membership and operation of the Ottawa StoryTellers’ Gig Group

Members of the Gig Group can place descriptions of themselves, including the types of performances they offer, their preferred audience level, contact information, and rates, on the Ottawa StoryTellers’ website. Tellers who do not wish to advertise their availability on the website, may still belong to the gig group, and benefit from referrals.

Clients are requested to contact the storytellers directly.

We will also offer clients the option of contacting the Gig Group Coordinator for help in finding a teller. 

OST's Gig Group Coordinator is LEAH SANDER, and she may be contacted at

If the client wants a teller selected for them, the Coordinator will send a notice to the Gig Group, indicating the particulars of the gig. Interested tellers will get in touch with the Coordinator. If several express interest, they will decide among themselves who will take the gig, sharing opportunities in a fair way. The teller who is going to do the show will contact the coordinator and the requester within a reasonable time.

If the client wants to choose from several tellers, the client’s information will be given to the gig group and the tellers will make applications directly to the client. The client will be told that if they receive no calls within a set time, there is no interest in the gig

Admission to the Gig Group

New members will be considered for admission to the group annually. Applicants will be required to submit application forms and must meet the following criteria:

  1. The teller must be a member in good standing of the Ottawa StoryTellers.

  2. They must be an active participant in the organization, through volunteering or attending member events, such as the Story Swap.

  3. All applicants must provide a biography of their storytelling experience, the kind of gigs they can do, and their interests related to Gig Group performances.

  4. A majority of the executive committee must approve the candidate as a suitable representative of Ottawa StoryTellers in terms of selection of material, performance skills, repertoire, and professionalism. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that some members of the executive have seen them perform publicly.

At the time of voting, the members of the Executive Committee will decide who will convey the results to each candidate. In the event of a negative vote, every effort will be made to offer constructive suggestions and encouragement.

For your Gig Group Application Form please contact Leah at

You may also call the Ottawa StoryTellers office at (613) 322-8336.