Fees vary from teller to teller and may be negotiable based on two criteria:

  • The material requested: is the story material in the teller’s repertoire OR will there be a fee to create new material.

  • The expertise of the teller.

Storytellers of Canada/ Contours du Canada, the national Storytelling organization recommends that a solo one hour presentation of Storytelling would be a minimum of $250 per hour or part thereof

Basic fee range:

  • $175.00 to $350 per hour or part of an hour

  • $250.00 to $450 for half day (usually two sessions or a workshop)

  • $400.00 to $750 for a full day (usually three sessions or two workshops)

Depending upon distances, tellers usually charge travel fees if they need to travel more than 25 kilometers.

  • $0.35 to $0.45 per km

Often an event, group or individual would like a teller but is not able to pay the full fee. Some tellers are willing to donate a part, or all, of their fee. In this case the teller would identify their full fee and state the amount that would be a donation.