Storytelling Workshops

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Ottawa Storytellers is proud to offer workshops in the art of storytelling. Welcome to Storytelling is an annual workshop that OST hosts in the Autumn (most recently October 21 & 28th, 2017). We often offer workshops with visiting artists, and so there may be another opportunity for you to attend a workshop with OST before next year. Have you signed up for our mailing list? It is the easiest way to stay informed about OST events and workshops.

Also, we recommend attending either of our monthly Story Swaps or (un)told events to meet storytellers, and even sign up to tell your own stories. Both events are free. Story Swap features a range of story styles and takes place at the Public Service Alliance Building. (un)told is a platform for personal, true storytelling and takes place in a bar. 

Welcome to Storytelling: 10 Things you Need to Know

 Kathie Kompass and Mary Wiggin

Kathie Kompass and Mary Wiggin

With Mary Wiggin and Kathie Kompass

If you want to get people’s attention, tell them a story. A well-told story will draw listeners to you, whether your purpose is to entertain, educate, inform or sell a product or idea. The secret to telling a good story is to learn some of the basics and practice them. You can gain knowledge and confidence in our two-day workshop.

You will have an opportunity to learn how to choose and present a story. You will hear stories from a variety of genres told by experienced tellers; learn and practice vocal warm-ups; try out memory exercises; and discover storytelling resources. In addition, you will have a chance to learn, practice, and present a short story to an audience at a concert on day two, one week after the initial session. You will be welcome to invite family and friends to hear you tell in a warm and supportive environment.

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