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Ottawa Storytellers’ Signature Series 2019-2020

Our 2019-2020 Signature Series returns this October, featuring professional storytellers from Ottawa, Canada, and around the world! Ignite your imagination: from the epic and fantastic worlds of great literary artists, to hidden historical treasures, to extraordinary personal journeys, our Signature Series will delight, engage and inspire. Professional storytellers present shows between October and May. Most programs are intended for audience ages 12+. All shows take place in venues at Arts Court (2 Daly Avenue).

Tickets are $22, and $18 for students and seniors. New this season: SAVE over 30% off our regular, single-ticket prices by purchasing a 6-show subscription before November 21! Contact info@ottawastorytellers.ca for information on group rates.

All Performances begin at 7:30PM and take place in venues at Arts Court in downtown Ottawa (2 Daly Avenue)

Thursday, October 24 | One Métis Man's Life Growing Up in Saskatchewan with Bruce Sinclair (Arts Court Theatre)

Storyteller Bruce Sinclair recounts growing up in Northern Saskatchewan in a small town with a high percentage of Métis and First Nations community members. His stories explore the notion of identity, poverty, family relationships, discrimination, racism - and the spirit of the people. Bruce is also appearing at the biennial 2019 Montréal Storytelling Festival. Learn more

Thursday, November 21 | Jeff Wright with Blame it on Zeus’ Thunderbolt: The REAL Origin Story of the Trojan War (Arts Court Theatre)

Blame it on Zeus’ Thunderbolt: The REAL Origin Story of the Trojan War with storyteller Jeff Wright is a witty, fast-paced and occasionally irreverent tour through the mythological origins of the Trojan War. The troubles begin high atop Mount Olympus when Zeus, King of the Gods, once again falls victim to the insatiable demands of his own deific ‘thunderbolt.’ But what should have been a tawdry little Olympian soap-opera soon devolves into something larger and uglier when three humans - Achilles, Paris, and Helen of Troy - find their fates drawn in to the Olympian drama. Learn more

Wednesday, March 4 | Jacqui du Toit with Being coloured/ful in a black and white world  (Arts Court Theatre)

International storyteller Jacqui Du Toit takes you on a journey to her mother land, South Africa, to the times of great struggle, uprising, racial divide, and shares the details and stories growing up in apartheid and post apartheid, the time of great social changes and the creation of the Rainbow nation. With her expressive and captivating storytelling Jacqui will have you laughing, crying - and even dancing - at the end of the performance. Learn more

Thursday, March 19 | Chirine El-Ansary Fragments of Eternity (ODD Box)

Renowned international storyteller Chirine El Ansary returns to Canada with more compelling and inspiring stories! Why is that man standing stark naked in the middle of a traffic jam? Do Nile crocodiles really eat fishermen, and do monkeys bring bad luck? What happens if you shave on an inauspicious day? Is it possible to stop time? Stories handpicked with love, and that have become, as El Ansary describes, “an invisible family.” Fragments of Eternity is an eclectic selection of stories spanning an incredible 25-year career. Learn more

Thursday, April 23 | Keir Cutler with Magnificence (ODD Box)

Magnificence is the tenth original monologue by Montréal born Keir Cutler. This new work is based on Keir’s relationship with his late mother, May Ebbitt Cutler, former mayor of Westmount, founder of Tundra Books and the author of the award-winning, highly-praised memoir, I Once Knew An Indian Woman, a book that had a great effect on Keir as a child. The New York Times reviewed her book in 1973 stating, “Simplicity isn’t easy to find any more and neither is goodness. In this story they are stunningly exemplified.” The piece is directed by the award-winning Paul Van Dyck. Learn more

Thursday, May 14 | Lucy van Oldenbarneveld with Me, Vivian Leigh and the Roller Rink (Arts Court Theatre)

Broadcaster and storyteller Lucy van Oldenbarneveld recounts her adolescence growing up in Hamilton, Ontario, attempting to escape gritty, working class Steeltown through the glamour and romance of Gone With the Wind. The pumping music of the roller rink acts as a soundtrack to her life as she navigates growing up on the wrong side of the tracks with a restrictive religion, dodgy role models and a disco ball that could see the future. Passing up a chance to marry into a local egg empire she discovers that her own plucky entrepreneurial spirit may be the key to never going hungry again. Learn more

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