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Murray Rob Roy McGregor

A little girl ran up to the storyteller at the door of her classroom. She excitedly started to retell a story she had heard last year, about a king, a trap door and a rose. But the storyteller was puzzled for a moment, then she realized her colleague on that previous visit had told the story.

I felt humbled when I got the email about the impact my telling had on that young listener. That is the power of stories. I try to make all my stories memorable for my audiences.

The stories I tell reflect my Highland heritage. Some are traditional tales, some are modern stories. I also enjoy research and creating stories including location-based histories. I like adapting old texts into modern tales. Sometimes I create stories out of thin air.

I tell regularly at Ottawa Storyteller events, the Tea Party Cafe series, the summer history series at Ottawa’s Bytown Museum and the Ottawa Children’s Storytelling Festival. I have performed on the 4th Stage of the National Arts Centre, and special events such as Hogman-eh (Scottish New Year in Ottawa).

I am a member of Storytellers of Canada and Ottawa Storytellers. I take every opportunity to improve my craft with workshops by master tellers.

I tell to audiences from 8 and up. I am pleased to tell at festivals, concerts, conferences, in schools and halls. I am availability most times on the clock and calendar. With notice I can create unique programs.