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Available daytime, evenings, weekends. Available to tell to small and large groups and to offer workshops, especially on learning to tell autobiographical (family) stories.


Rates may be negotiable for non-profit organizations but generally start at $200 and up



email: kimjkilpatrick(at)gmail(dot)com; Phone: 613.567.7137

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Kim Kilpatrick

Kim has over ten years experience as a storyteller and has performed regularly on the NAC fourth Stage since 2004, as well as at storytelling festivals in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Saint Mary’s. She is a MASC artist in schools and for seniors and also performs in cafes, pubs, museums, parks, and at story slams. Kim has performed frequently for Ottawa StoryTellers, at Stories & Tea, and she was one of the tellers featured in the OST & 2Women Production's telling of The Iliad in June of 2014.


Kim is known for autobiographical material - humourous, entertaining, and engaging stories about living as a person who is blind, as well as folk tales and some historical material. Kim is comfortable with audiences of all ages. What happens when she and her brother find a device that is supposed to allow us to walk on water? How does a totally blind university student knock a cyclist from his bike? What happens when a blind person drives the family motor boat? What happens when young Kim tries to hatch a dragon from chocolate eggs? Be prepared to be amused, entertained and engaged!

Kim has created a one woman show “Flying in the dark” all about growing up and thriving as a blind adult. It can be performed and adapted for audiences of all ages and sizes and always meets with high praise from audiences.  It is being performed regularly.  Kim is also a paralympian and performs stories about her paralympic experiences.

"Kim's storytelling is nothing short of enchanting.  When telling life stories, she manages to bring us into her world so that we can see, feel and touch everything around her. . . .  Kim tells stories with a light touch, a wonderful sense of humour and many dashes of sheer inspiration."

(Lucie Roy)


"Kim takes her listeners on journeys from which they return with a new understanding and perspective of the places and people they have visited.  Kim's stories are favourites in our family - our children love them as much as the adults do."

(Sherri Yazdani)