The annual bilingual Children’s Storytelling Festival, takes place on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at the Nepean Centrepointe Library (101 Centrepointe Drive). It is a FREE day of stories, told live, for children ages 3 to 11.  From traditional tales to fabulous fantasies, this annual event is a day of storytelling magic that kids won’t want to miss!

Admission and parking is free! Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian) at all times.

Nous offrons une composante francophone pendant le Festival!

Le Festival de conte pour enfants de aura lieu samedi 2 novembre 2019 à la bibliothèque Centrepointe de Nepean (101 Centrepointe Dr. Ottawa). Cette journée de contes sera GRATUITE, raconté en personne, pour les enfants de 3 à 11 ans. Ils doivent être accompagnés d’un adulte. De contes traditionnels aux fantaisies fabuleuses, ce sera une journée magique de contes que les enfants ne veulent vraiment pas manquer!

This event is supported by OST and its donors, run by volunteer organizers and brought to life by volunteer storytellers. If you are able to donate your time and skill to this project, please review the following few points and return your proposal form to OST by the end of the day on Friday, June 21, 2019.

  • We are seeking storytelling presentations of a maximum of 25 minutes.

  • If you propose to tell for less than 25 minutes, you can request the organizers to program you with another teller to fill the time slot. 

  • We welcome proposals for stories told in French, English or in both languages.

  • Material under copyright must be arranged and/or paid for by the storyteller.

  • Please note that this year we are unable to pay storytellers or musicians for their time, travel or any other expenses.

Mary Wiggin speaks about the 2017 Children's Storytelling Festival on Daytime Ottawa.

Ruth Stewart-Verger, Children's Storytelling Festival 2014

Ruth Stewart-Verger, Children's Storytelling Festival 2014

Jacqui Du Toit, Children's Storytelling Festival 2016

Jacqui Du Toit, Children's Storytelling Festival 2016

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Young Teller 2a.jpg
Young Teller 1b.jpg

Youth Storytellers, Children’s Storytelling Festival 2018

Past Festival Storytellers


Rob Cloney was born into an Irish-Maritime tradition of storytelling. He has been writing and telling stories to audiences for over 30 years, since first performing as an actor and storyteller at King's Landing Historical Village. He loves sharing stories with children, and has performed traditional tales as well as many of his own original stories in schools and libraries, at story swaps and public performances. He frequently tells children's stories for events at Viva Vida Art Gallery in Pointe Claire Village. He is an active member of the Montreal Storytellers Guild.


Ses années d’expérience sur les navires de la Garde côtière canadienne et de son environnement maritime ont alimenté l’imagination fertile de Nicole Fournier, alias Capitaine Bonnefemme. Issus de son passé comme éducatrice spécialisée auprès de jeunes sourds, ses gestes et mouvements sont assurément complémentaires à ses expressions et mimiques fort animées.

Son parcours l’a amenée de Laval à Sydney, en Nouvelle-Écosse, puis de Québec à Ottawa, en passant par les océans Arctique et Atlantique. Maintenant retraitée près de Gatineau, elle écrit ses propres histoires et les raconte dans les écoles, les bibliothèques ou lors d’événements thématiques.

Ses aventures se passent principalement à bord de son navire le « Porte-bonheur » ou du moins, en sont intimement liées par ses personnages et sa lignée des plus colorées. On s’y croirait vraiment et on reste toujours avec un joli doute une fois l’histoire terminée... Et si c’était vrai?

Victoria Howard - Photo - BW.jpg

Victoria Howard is a retired public school teacher from Quebec. She was introduced to storytelling five years ago at the Westmount storytellers Guild in Montreal, Quebec. She fell in love with the art form of storytelling, and in the process, discovered a new way to educate and to entertain her audience. She likes to tell African tales, as well as personal stories to audiences of all ages. Her Caribbean origin allows her to capture and engage her audience with her rhythmic style of telling. Victoria is a member of Ottawa Storytellers and Storytellers of Canada.

Kathie Kompass - photo BW.jpg

A Storyteller since 1983, Kathie Kompass enjoys the words and imagery of children’s stories. Kathie finds folktales and modern stories from India, Africa and Canada a pleasure to tell. She finds great wisdom in the simplicity of the tale. As well she reworks traditional stories putting a new and humourous spin on well know material. Her telling has taken place in libraries, churches, summer camps, private parties, elementary and high schools, and for Girl Guide Groups. Kathie has taken part in the Ottawa Storytelling festival on numerous occasions and three times performed at the Toronto Storytelling Festival. As well as participating in Ottawa Storytellers 4th Stage series she was co-chair of the Ottawa Storytelling Festival 2004, and 2005, co-chair of Ottawa’s 4th Stage series 2006. She shares the leadership of OST’s Introduction to Storytelling Workshop.

When storytelling for children she weaves chants and participation stories into the program to enrich the theme and involve the audience.

Colette Laplante - Photo - BW.jpg

Hello, my name is Colette Laplante and I am a storyteller. Stories have been an important part of my life. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed telling and listening to stories. I have been telling stories to friends and family for as long as I can remember. Now, as a professional storyteller, I tell them to people of all ages and in all kind of venues. I have entertained at schools, community centres, coffee houses, the National Arts Centre, Bytown Museum, the Children’s Storytelling Festival, and events at a number of Ottawa public libraries.

My repertoire includes traditional tales from Northern Europe, Japan, Germany and New France as well as true historical stories. Most of my historical stories are about this city. As a tourist guide, I love telling tales about the colourful people who made Ottawa what it is today. But I also like telling stories about people who have followed their dreams and done extraordinary things. I am told my storytelling is very compelling, and there is a nothing more satisfying to me than knowing people are immersed in my performance.

Sébastien Lemay - Photo BW.jpg

A storyteller who also plays multiple instruments, Sébastien Lemay is passionate about personal interactions, travel, nature, the arts and the wisdom of our ancestors and First Nations People. He uses storytelling, singing, theatrical play and humor with his instruments to create interactive and playful animations, combining his passions of nature and the arts.


Janet LeRoy beams when children join her in song, rhyme, and finger play at the Wakefield Library. Stories about dogs, frogs, mice, turtles, cats, and chickens bring smiles, wonder, and adventure. Listeners of all ages recognize themselves in her original child stories.

A dynamic storyteller, Janet has performed in schools, libraries, house concerts, parks, community centres, cafés, and at the National Arts Centre. In 2014 and 2015, she was the featured storyteller in the Wakefield Writers Festival. This is her fourth year performing at The Children’s Storytelling Festival. Through workshops, Janet encourages children, youth and adults to discover their own storytelling voices. She is a member of Ottawa Storytellers and Storytellers of Canada.


Murray Rob Roy McGregor started telling stories in 2011. He tells at many regular Ottawa Storyteller events including Tea Party, Story Swaps and past Children’s Storytelling Festivals. He discovered storytelling in 2010 at the Ottawa International Storytelling Festival. Murray tells a wide range of stories. Classics, local history and his Highland heritage are all part of repertoire. He is comfortable in archives and old books and enjoys adapting and creating original stories.

Murray has a long association with story having worked on feature films and dramatic television, and national radio and print journalism. For 19 years he owned an independent bookstore. He is a graduate of the Storytelling Intensive Workshop at Storytelling Toronto (2011) and continues to attend professional workshops. He has a BA in history and art history, and has completed some graduate courses in architecture.

Murray is an 5th generation Canadian and a descendant from the Highland Clearances possibly with some Highland “cattle thieving” blood still in him. He thinks he would have voted Yes in 2014 — if given the opportunity.


Maria Sabaye Moghaddam - Photo BW.jpg

An award winning writer, storyteller, and arts educator, Maria Saba was born and raised in Iran. Maria has published three books and numerous stories, essays, and interviews and performed in many events in Canada and overseas. Her stories with their diverse subjects, rich imagery, and precise language appeal to readers and listeners of different ages and backgrounds. Whether it is a retelling of a Persian fairy tale or recounting a true personal story, her gentle yet captivating performances draw the audience into the world of her story, where they are simultaneously engaged, informed, and entertained. mariasaba.ca


Ruth Stewart-Verger - photo BW.jpg

Ruth Stewart-Verger has been immersed in the stories all her life: tales to entice tiny tots, tales of her grandparents' childhoods, tales of traveling tellers who dined at the family table and tales of Canada’s historical heroes. She has traveled across Canada telling stories and finding new ones!

Ruth was part of the team of tellers that built a monthly Children’s storytelling series at the former West End Well.


MaggieTam-Photo BW.jpeg

Maggie Tam is a graduate of the Welcome to Storytelling workshop, hosted by the Ottawa Storytellers. She has told stories with words in Girl Guides meetings, stories with music in concerts, and stories with chemistry in science conferences.

Growing up in a metropolitan city in Asia, she meandered through the next decades in a British convent school, among the Palouse hills of Washington State, and found home among squirrels and northern cardinals in Ottawa. In her spare time, you will find Maggie volunteering, writing poems, and travelling.


Mary Wiggin BW.jpg

For over 15 years, Mary Wiggin has delighted audiences with her storytelling. She has been a frequent featured teller at the Ottawa StoryTellers’ (OST) series at the National Arts Centre, the Tea Party and the Children’s Storytelling Festival. She also tells in a variety of community settings such as seniors’ programs, schools and fundraising events.

In 2016, Mary toured British Columbia with The Game’s Afoot: Stories from Sherlock Holmes and returned to Vancouver Island in 2018 with Oatcakes and Heartaches: Scottish Tales Carried Over the Ocean.

She specializes in telling to adults but enjoys entertaining younger audiences, especially her granddaughters. Renowned for her exquisite sense of language, Mary is a subtle master of the literary tale. She favours folktales and fairy tales with strong heroines and sound plots, but her listeners should be ready for some surprises. In addition to telling stories, she is delighted to help others learn about storytelling as the co-facilitator of Welcome to Storytelling: Ten Things You Need to Know, OST’s introductory storytelling workshop.