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is a vibrant, creative, and engaged community of storytellers and people who love to listen to great tales. We tell stories at 100 events throughout the year at venues all across the National Capital Region.  Our stories are for all ages, and range from children’s stories, to literary adaptations, to classical texts, traditional tales, to personal stories of transformation and discovery.

OST also offers WORKSHOPS for beginners, and special sessions with recognized professional storytellers, and voice and acting instructors.

We run two open mic events, our STORY SWAP, and the (un)told open mic series; both invite established and beginning storytellers to test their tales and hone their craft.

For the facts about OST, click on the ABOUT US tab.

For information on upcoming events and activities, click on FOURTH STAGE, STORIES & TEA and THE WEST END WELL.

And don’t forget that we have seasonal events at the BYTOWN MUSEUM, and the BILLINGS HISTORICAL ESTATE, and of course ONCE UPON A STORY… our festival of storytelling for young listeners.


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Now running, the 2nd Friday of the month!


The West End Well is a co-operatively run grocery, café, and meeting place. Believing that music, poetry, storytelling and art are essential ingredients in a vibrant and resilient community, The Well hosts a regular program of local musicians, poets, storytellers and artists. Ottawa StoryTellers is delighted to be a part of the Well’s arts and culture community outreach.

Tellings at the Well will take place the second Friday of the month at 7:30 pm. Please join us for great stories at this exciting new community space, Friday, September 12, October 10, November 14, & December 12.

Admission is Pay-What-You-Can, suggested minimum $5. click here for Fall line-up






Ottawa StoryTellers is a member of Ottawa Festivals