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Do you love a good story?

Whether the stuff of legends, or of everyday experiences, of family history, or present in the tales that teach us how to survive, stories are everywhere.

The well told tale is a universal expression of our humanity because it captures our desire to make the world a more creative and inspirational place.

At Ottawa StoryTellers we’re telling stories all over town.

From our Featured Shows for 2016-2017 to Stories & Tea presenting tales told in an intimate café, to our annual Children’s Festival of storytelling, to our (un)told open mic and special features series to STORY SWAP, OST celebrates the art of the story.



The Artistic Manager supports Ottawa StoryTellers’ (OST’s) vision to be an effective, financially sound organization that serves the needs of its members and the community, is recognized for artistic excellence, and has strong audience support. The Artistic Manager is responsible for some general administrative duties and for the programming and artistic leadership of Ottawa StoryTellers’ flagship performance series. She/he takes the lead in marketing and publicizing OST’s activities and supervising staff and volunteers working in that area. They are also responsible for general oversight of the website, fundraising, and other crosscutting aspects of the organization’s activities. Reporting to the board of directors, the Artistic Manager acts as the central coordinator for the board, artists, members, volunteers, committees, funders, personnel at performance venues, and other artistic organizations.

For a more detailed description, or to apply for this position, please contact:



Ottawa StoryTellers is a member of Ottawa Festivals