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OST's first (un)told special feature...

Sansei: The Storyteller


Written & Performed by Mark Ikeda
A 2014 Calgary Fringe Festival
 “Best in Fest” winner 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 Arts Court Black Box Studio 8 PM

“If the Japanese Internment didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be alive today.”

Sansei: The Storyteller grew from this one true statement. Using dance, theatre, and humour, Calgary-based Mark Ikeda tells the story of one of Canada’s darkest historical episodes, the arrest and transportation to isolated camps of Japanese Canadians after the attack on Pearl Harbour during World War Two. 

**** Review by Stephen Hunt of Calgary Herald, 2014
"In Sansei Calgary’s Mark Ikeda – dancer, artistic director of Mo Mo Theatre, and multidisciplinary artist – gets personal. That’s because he’s digging into the Japanese internment during the Second World War, a huge part of Canada’s past just as much as it’s a huge part of Ikeda’s personal history....Ikeda tells three quite different stories in Sansei. There’s Ito, a 15th century Japanese guy who marries a woman and tries to sire an heir. There’s the story of the internment, from the moment Pearl Harbour gets bombed in 1941, which Ikeda transforms into a violent, agonizing dance. That internment is also experienced through the eyes of his aunt and uncle...talking about what it was like to be rounded up, given 48 hours notice, and shipped to live in small, crowded conditions with no privacy. He also digs deeper into the history of the event itself, introducing us to British Columbia MP Ian McKenzie...producing some genuinely stunning information…." - S. Hunt

Ikeda’s creative practice creates original performances through storytelling and movement. His unique methodology combining narrative, imagination, and choreography has led to his being named the 2015 Emerging Artist by the Calgary Arts Development Authority.

On tour during July of 2015 in British Columbia, Sansei will be presented at the Powell Street Festival in August of 2015, before coming to Ottawa's Arts Court. 

Don’t miss this powerful and original storytelling presentation!

Tickets for Sansei are $12 at the door; $10 for Students & Seniors, or with your Fringe Button
Online purchases: $12 for adults; $10 for Students & Seniors

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