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Telling the stories that are….. 

Hidden In Plain Sight: Ottawa’s history in the background


Drawing inspiration from the Bytown’s exhibit Hidden In Plain Sight, Ottawa’s history in the backgound, Ottawa StoryTellers will tell how Typhus hit Bytown, and how Ethel Chadwick lost her heart ice skating at the Governor General’s. You will hear the story of a canal builder, as told by his long suffering wife, and what it was like to go Timber Cruising in the 1860s with Horatio Gates Summers. You will be entertained with a tale of the infamous Shiner’s War, gasp in horror when the Parliament Buildings burn, or wonder at the mechanical feat of draining the Dow’s Great Swamp!

Ottawa StoryTellers will be performing at the Bytown on:

Thursday, July 2

Thursday, July 16

Thursday, July 30

Thursday, August 13

Performances are usually ten minutes long, and take place at twenty-minute intervals throughout the evening from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. So, you may catch a tale, explore the Bytown Museum exhibits, or watch a boat go through the Rideau Canal Locks, and then return to hear another story!

Admission is free!  Performances are in English.

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Summer Story Swap!

You are invited to tell your story - historical, personal, or political at OST's Story Swap on Thursday, July 2, 7 PM.

Click on the Story Swap tab for more details!

Stories are usually 5 to 10 minutes long, and told from memory.

Arrive just before 7 PM to sign up. Your host this month is Colette!

We look forward to seeing you there!






Ottawa StoryTellers is a member of Ottawa Festivals