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OST'S next fabulous show at the NAC's Fourth Stage

May 21, 2015 

That Delightful Strain: Tales of Musical Misadventure

Featuring Kim Kilpatrick & Tom Lips, with Alex Vlamis  


From the earliest ordeals of the childhood piano lesson to the full-blown perils of the concert stage, the best-laid plans of musicians can go disastrously wrong.  What then?  Tellers Kim Kilpatrick and Tom Lips, with pianist Alex Vlamis, share lighthearted stories of musical mischance, choral calamities, and the pitfalls of the pianoforte.

Click here to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster. Regular prices $22 Adults and $18 Seniors. Tickets purchased online, will be subjected to fees, tickets purchased  in person at the NAC Box Office have no online purchase fees added.

Students, you may purchase Live Rush tickets for OST shows on the day of the performance at the NAC Box Office!

Show time: 7:30 PM.



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