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IN THE ROOM (May 2017) 
by Cellar Door Project
“Very creative and interesting. Really enjoyed it” – Steve
“AWESOME!! Such a great way to tell the stories of the space. Really charming and engaging.”
“New to theatre, excited about your philosophy” – Travis
“Amazing piece – nice mix of stories”

reated and performed by Norma Cameron
“Wonderfully funny & heartfelt. I feel like I have now traveled the world… without ever getting up from my seat! Viva Granny!” – Karine & Claude
"I’ve been smiling and laughing the whole time; my cheeks hurt!” – Sharlène
“Marvelous. Most entertaining”
“Thank you, Norma. Absolutely loved your stories & your Granny! The first storytelling event. Won’t be my last.”

stories complied by Lesley Parlane, performed by Sage Cardinal, Steafan Hannigan, Beverley McKiver, Lesley Parlane, Louise Profeit-LeBlanc, Neal Shannacappo, and Olivia Tailfeathers.
“Wonderful, I feel so good to have witnessed these stories and memories. Thank you!”
“Touching. We have much to learn.”
“These stories deserve to be told again for everyone to hear.”
“Very powerful. It tells a story of strength and courage. Very well done.”
“Powerful and moving – Thank you for giving voice to the voiceless”
“Very moving. I felt inspired to tell my story to my children and friends”

A WINTER TALE (December 2015)
The Journey of the Blind Harper, written by Laurie Fyffe, Kim Kilpatrick & Emily Pearlman, performed by Kim Kilpatrick, Emily Pearlman and harpist Lucile Brais Hildesheim 

Review by Maja Stefanovska for Capital Critics Circle:

Once upon a time, at the very beginning of human time itself, long before we learned how to write, we told stories. Throughout history, oral stories were an important way of passing down information and a to understand the world. The drive to create, understand, and connect is one of the facets that makes us human and storytelling lets us express that desire. It is, therefore, a universal expression of our humanity. The Ottawa StoryTellers have been around for decades and exist to promote the art of storytelling in the community. Their 2015-2016 Speaking Out/Speaking In debut show, A Winter Tale: The Journey of the Blind Harper, tells of Turlough O’Carolan, Ireland’s famous blind harper of the 18th century. Written by Laurie Fyffe, Kim Kilpatrick and Emily Pearlman and performed by Kim Kilpatrick, Emily Pearlman and harpist Lucile Brais Hildesheim, the story enchants and delivers a cozy evening that spirits us away to far off lands, a long time ago.

A well-crafted story enchants us into its world. It seduces the audience to seamlessly blend their reality and its fiction into one experience. A good story teller sets the atmosphere, but allows the audience to build the sets, cast of characters, and add any details omitted from the telling. This can be overwhelming for the story tellers, but it can be just as intense for the audience. Both, in a sense, are laid bare on the stage. They have nothing to hide behind – no theatrical or technical tricks to hide behind; just words, and imagination. 

There is a resurgence in the kind of story telling the Ottawa StoryTellers engage with. They’ve been around for a while and the experience shows. A Winter Tale: The Journey of the Blind Harper is well written, well-paced, and told with such warmth and love that the audience can’t help but go along for the ride.

The first in a series of seven original productions of Speaking Out/Speaking In, A Winter’s Tale played for one night only, December 17, 2015.


Dragon’s Gold show (February 2015)

We would like to become members.
Just what I had hoped for - thoroughly pleased.
Always enjoy these events.
Great show - loved it!
I always enjoy the relaxing setting and diverse stories.
Loved it!
Tales were excellent - music could make the show even better!
Spell binding and magic.

... and DAWN COLLINGS  wrote:

My daughter, Kate and her friend Nina thoroughly enjoyed their first Ottawa StoryTellers experience on Feb. 16th.  During the presentation they decided to interpret their impressions of the story through art (drawings).  Attached are their creations.


Civil War (January 2015):

Lovely, interesting, great singing
I am here on business from Yellowknife. I enjoyed the show and will check to see if there is a storyteller scheduled next time.
Love the intermingling of music and narration adding texture and flavours of the era.
Very much enjoyed!
Well done! I am interested in joining OST. Excellent work. Well researched and told.
Fine show, great performances, glory hallelujah
Excellent! Nice costumes, nice music
... terrific. Love the harmonies.
Poignant. Well Done.
Great - excellent pace and variety.