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Join us for an evening of storytelling with Stories & Tea, every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at The Tea Party Cafe, 119 York St. (Map )

From 7 pm to 8:45 pm, stories begin on the hour and half-hour with breaks in between for treats and chatting.

Stories & Tea is Pay-What-You-Can! (suggested minimum $5)  

Stories & Tea is presented by Ottawa StoryTellers & The Tea Party Cafe.



Steel & Bones | September 12

Kate Hunt and Jacques Falquet present two Slavic Stories; a bad bargain with a murderous giant, and Koschei the Deathless.


Five Alberta Women | September 26

Donna Stewart and Ruth Stewart-Verger present the story of five Alberta Women whose perseverance led to women being declared Persons, and secured the Right to Vote. 


The Girl, the Gamelan & Gershwin | October 10

Lynda Joyce presents the story of Ottawa-born singer Eva Gauthier.


Pole to Pole and Then Some | October 24

Anne Nagy, Elaine O'Reilly and Phil Nagy present tales of adventurers and explorers.


Bluffing Your Way to Victory | November 14 

Cecilia Blanchfield and Dai Chaplin present true stories about some of the military's most ingenious and daring deceptions.


Zucchinis to Cigars | November 28

Robert Woods and Richard Whyte present this mysterious program.


Highland Stories & Philosophical Tales | December 12

Claude Garneau and Murray McGregor present stories from the Highlands and ancestral tales of thought and philosophy.



Some past storytellers and their stories:

Joanna Smith and Dave Merleau presented Postcard Tales - Stories collected while traveling.

Maria Sabaye Moghaddam and Marie Bilodeau presented Dance stories - Steps flowing from the heart.

Ruth Stewart-Verger and Donna Stewart presented Things aren't always what you expect - Sometimes it's better; sometimes it's not.

Elaine O'Reilly, Kathie Kompass and Kim Kilpatrick presented Tea with Bea - The life and stories of Beatrix Potter.

Murray McGregor and Robert Woods presented Clever Folks & Acadian Women - Folktales of those who survive by their wits, and tales of single women in remote Cape Breton, 1938.

Janet LeRoy and Ann Rothfels presented Fathers and Daughters - A journey Down Memory Lane.

Colette Laplante presented Nordic Gods -Stories from another time and place.

Louise Profeit-LeBlanc presented Mothers Day - Stories of family and love.

Dean Verger presented Tales of the Sea - Of brine and barnacles.

Gail Anglin and Elaine O'Reilly presented Fire on the Hill - The 1916 burning of Parliament.