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This is a past event from 2012.

The show was a hit!

We could not have done it without your help!

Ottawa Storytellers would like to thank the following individuals who donated to the Odyssey Project Fundraiser on Indiegogo, as well as those who wish to remain anonymous:

Yves Robitaille , Maureen Quinn McGovern , Heather Jamieson , Heather Jopling, Kieran Andrews, Murray McGregor, Jan Andrews, Jan Gregory, Guy Thibodeau, David Ross Park, Nicole Lavigne, Mary Grace Ketner, Karleen Bradford, Mariella Bertelli, Marie Campbell, Inga-Britt Petri, Ena Jones, Amal El-Mohtar, Cathryn Fairlee, Brigitte Albert. Robert Davidson, Kit Pearson, Andrea Cordonier, Lori Victor, Mary Lynn Woolcott, Larry Jones, Nadine Thornhill, Kayleigh Wong, Mark Trombley, Linda Winham, Yvonne Heally, Gail Desautels, Donna Lindo, Jacques Falquet, Sarah Green, Sherri  Yazdani, Heather Cullen, Wendy Duschenes, Susan Jolliffe, Joan Radner, Dan Yashinsky, Elinor Benjamin, Kirsten Shain, Julia A Cipriani, Pat Holloway, Kathleen Bailey, William Walther, Ajit Ghai, Gail Anglin, Mary Wiggin, Joanna Smith, Marva Blackmore, Lynda Joyce, Phil Nagy, Anne Nagy, and Susan White

OST would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their generous donation to the indiegogo campaign: Grant Jeffery, Cielo Print Inc., Sonya Taaffe, Elizabeth Paxson, Ben Ladouceur, Cameron Anstee, Kathryn Hunt, Gail Anglin, Jennifer Cayley, Jan Andrews, Ellis Lynn Duschenes, CKCU, Theo’s Greek Taverna, Heather Sita-Black and Jason Anderson, Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort and Spa, The Workshop and Flock Boutique, Creativision, The Back Row. 


Many thanks as well to those who attended the Odyssey Fundraising Dinner.

OST Would also like to thank the fundraising committee: Ruthanne Edward, Gail Anglin, Kathryn Hunt, Leah Sander, Alisha Davidson, and Ariane Cartwright.