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Jan Andrews

As a storyteller and author of books for young people, Jan has traveled the world. She has been telling stories for twenty years and more, has appeared in festivals and concerts across the country and beyond, and is a regular teller on the Ottawa scene. Her aim is to touch audiences deeply with performances that stir the soul. She has produced complete tellings of The Iliad and The Odyssey with others, directed storytelling series and managed the StorySave project to record the voices of storytelling elders. She is interested in new potentials and has recently started posting regular recordings on The Storytelling Club feature of her website. She is the co-founder of 2 women productions (2wp), a company devoted to bringing ever more storytelling to adult audiences. Career highlight: two weeks as a storyteller at Midsumma. Celebrating Queer Culture in Melbourne, Australia. Books include: Rude Stories, Winter of Peril, Stories at the Door and Very Last First Time.



Available to tell to all ages from four and up. A quiet setting is key. Jan loves the traditional folktales and the epics, but also tells literary and personal stories. A sample of her telling is available on her website: She will design shows for you but also has two special pieces available in her current repertoire: The Stone Book by Alan Garner and The Book of Spells which is performed with her partner, Jennifer Cayley, and which is the story of how they learned to live together. This is the show that toured to Melbourne.



Being a storyteller/author is Jan’s full-time job. She is available at all times and is happy to travel. She enjoys giving workshops to beginners, to experienced storytellers, and to those who simply want to explore the power of story. She also has a workshop in tandem with fibre artist, Maggie Glossop, entitled Of Hands and Heart. Jan also coaches tellers individually and finds the experience immensely satisfying.


Rates available on request


email: janandrews(at); phone: 613.256.0353

websites: 2 women productions and